Large Format Rentals

Rental options for Large Format Printers for 36, 48 and 60 Months – Hardware Only.

There are six main benefits to an Operating Rental vs. Traditional Finance:

  • Rentals are fully tax deductible. E.g. if you spent R30, 000 on rentals in a financial year, you may offset the entire amount against your taxable income as this is an expense.
  • The VAT is spread out over the entire period. I.e. it is not payable upfront as in an Instalment sale agreement (higher purchase.)
  • You can claim VAT immediately if you are registered for Vat on a monthly basis.
  • Rental is not considered by banks as loan exposure and therefore is not included as a liability in your Balance sheet e.g. if you are applying for vehicle finance or an overdraft facility then the bank will not take the rental of your equipment into account – it is merely considered as a monthly expense.
  • There is no balloon payment at the end of the rental term.
  • The option to own may be transferred to you via the supplier at the end of the rental term or you may wish to upgrade your equipment with the latest technology and enter into a new agreement
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HP DesignJet T520 36-in Printer
HP DesignJet T830 24-in Multifunction Printer

What is an Operating Rental?

A rental contract that allows for the use of equipment that is key to the operations of a business. It is not capitalized, resulting in “off balance sheet financing “ and is accounted for as a rental expense making this 100% tax deductible and allowing for improvement on your financial ratios.

Added benefits include:

  • The ability to upgrade to cheaper running, newer technology when available.
  • Avoid wasteful capital expenditure on a rapidly depreciating “asset”
  • Allows the ability to get a new copier or replacement unit if your current Machine expectantly breaks down.
  • No impact on existing credit lines
  • No capital required
  • Escalations can be used to suit cash flow requirements
  • V.A.T. paid monthly
  • Ongoing upgrades on equipment

How does this work?

We offer rental options to our clients who in turn complete a credit application, and supply us with supporting documentation which is sent to our rental-finance house for processing.

  • Once the application is approved the client is notified and the installation process can take place.
  • A Rental contract is signed and our Finance house will manage the payment process via their in-house debit order collection system.
  • While you enjoy your new Equipment and peace of mind.
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