LFP Checklist

So my Large Format Printer must print &…….? 
The information below provides a checklist of some of the key questions you may wish to ask when investing in a Large Format Printer.

Usability points 

  • Do I need to print up to A1 (610mm) or A0 (914mm) or larger?
  • What type of media do I want to print on?
  • Do I need a printer that has the ability to colour match pantones – or can I settle for just ‘good’ photo quality?
  • Do I need to scan and print …or do I just need to print?
  • Do I need a printer that can handling low, medium or high print volumes?
  • If my business grows will I need the printer to handle greater print volumes?
  • Do I need to print PDFs? or renders? – should I consider a PostScript printer?
  • Do I need the machine to be on a stand – or can I get away with a desktop model?
  • Do I need to network capabilities, WiFi, cloud options etc ?
  • What output options do I need, stacking in order or media bin?
  • Does my operating system support this printer?
  • Do I need to ensure my inks are good for archiving, UV stabilized, waterproof etc?
  • What options are important to me? e.g. twin rolls with smart switching, added security and removable HDD, print from USB, scan to folder etc?
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Financial points

  • What budget do I want to assign to this investment?
  • If I decide not to buy a networked or PostScript printer now, is it possible to add this option later? at what cost?
  • Is it worth increasing my budget at the outset to provide long term savings as my company grows?
  • Do I need good accounting tools in order to analyse our printing costs?
  • Would a long term rental be a more practical option for me if I can’t afford the printer I need now?
  • Can I qualify for a trade-in on my old machine to help offset the costs of my new purchase?
  • Do I have sufficient budget to purchase an extended warranty or support plan?
  • Have I considered an anti-surge device (UPS) to protect the printer in the event of a power surge?
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Other considerations

  • Will my chosen LFP Printer fit through my front door and/or lift?
  • Is there enough practical room for someone to bend over and remove drawings, load paper if rolls are located at the rear of the device etc (Check room measurements!).
  • How heavy is the unit – will I be capable of setting it up myself? (Most units will need to be built upside down & then turned over)
  • Should I pay extra for ‘set up and installation’, which will include basic printer training, driver installation, firmware updates & how to maintain your device?
  • When choosing between models, have I assessed the total cost of ownership?
  • Do I want to purchase from a box dropper with no in depth knowledge of this product who may save me some money at the outset?
  • Do I want to purchase from a Designjet Specialist who will be with me every step of the way and provide me with ongoing service, support & consumables?
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